This is a testament to the importance of proofreading in advertisements.

Reddit user MangyRunt recently shared a photo of a poster he saw at a bus stop in West Hampstead, a neighborhood in London. He captioned the photo "Seen in W. Hampstead: cute but unfortunate."

The poster is an ad for London Metropolitan University, and features a graduate of the school named Demi. Demi seems like a pretty wholesome guy. He loves his mum and fried chicken, and has a degree in Biomedical Science. But thanks to some awkward wording, Demi's innocent, wholesome ad doesn't seem so innocent when you read the whole thing.


The ad reads: "Demi - London Met graduate. Loves his mum, fried chicken, and his Biomedical Science degree. Do something you love this September."

As MangyRunt pointed out, the combination of "loves his mum," and "Do something you love" rings some alarm bells for those of us who consistently have our minds in the gutter.

Reddit users, naturally, had some comments.


And just in case you're still not sure what the joke is...

We're 100% positive that London Metropolitan University did not intend to make their ad dirty, but unfortunately, the internet can find innuendos in anything. Sorry, Demi.

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