Kathy Cadle's lifelike baby dolls are very lifelike—so lifelike that someone thought they were running a human trafficking ring.

Sneak peek at this one. Should be done hopefully tomorrow. $500 plus shipping. More pictures to come.

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The artist, along with her sister Rachel Smith, make extremely lifelike baby dolls to sell and donate to nursing homes, for old folks to remember the glory days of early parenting. ABC5 reports that when someone on Facebook stumbled upon an ad for a new doll, they thought she was selling a real, live baby.


Cadle opened the door one day to a cop investigating her for human trafficking claims, after the Facebooker reported her to the police.

Sneak peek at who's coming up for adoption in a day or two. She will be $550.

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She told ABC5 that when the office showed up, "He asked to see the baby, and I brought it in, he shook his head, I wasn't expecting this at all, like wow hey there's a cop. I said nobody is going to believe this, can you take a picture with me, and I can post it. He said sure OK, and that was nice.”

Two people and a *fake* baby.
Two people and a *fake* baby.

The story generated so much publicity that they're struggling to keep up with the Christmas demand.

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It'll make a great gift, as long as they don't leave their new babies in a hot car.