15 vacation horror stories that will make you glad you can't afford to go on vacation.

15 vacation horror stories that will make you glad you can't afford to go on vacation.

Sure, daily life is a never-ending run on a treadmill of humiliation and disappointment. But that's why vacations were invented: a week away from the rigors of work and home to refresh, recharge, relax, and renew. It's not supposed to be the worst experience of your entire life, but that's exactly what happened to these fun, fun, fun-seeking people on Reddit.


1. User El-Scorcho12 forgot that the first rule of vacation is to dislocate a bone somewhere nice and flat.

Went to backpack Europe, first stop was visiting my girlfriend studying abroad in Greece, day before I left for Munich I join the class on an archaeology dig. At the dig site, which was on top of a mountain we hiked up I dislocated my knee. I had to slide down the mountain on my ass and was stuck in Greece, in bed 90% of the time for the rest of my trip.

2. This user had a vacation that at least started like a romantic comedy.

My ex boyfriend and I had booked a trip to Hawaii about 4 months in advance. We broke up two months before the vacation. Since two of our good friends were going as well, we tried to be amicable and just go and try to have fun even though things were difficult between us.

Of course, when we got there, the hotel messed up and booked us in a hotel with one bed rather than singles. They didn't have any more rooms with singles. So I was stuck with my super emotional ex every night bickering about why things will never go right between us/why we're meant for each other. Needless to say, we kind of ruined the trip for our friends.


3. Capitals21's parents should've gotten divorced during the flight home, because that part of a trip is always the worst anyway.

My parents got into a huge fight and decided they wanted a divorce on the second day of a week long vacation at Disney world. It was the most awful week of my life.


4. This user had four other senses with which to enjoy Georgia. (You don't need to see to enjoy a peach, bro.)


i was in georgia with my family visiting my sister. i am legally blind and have contacts, and at that time my insurance would cover only glasses or contacts. i had chosen contacts, but i was a little negligent and forgot my contact case and solution. so for the night, i decided to put my contacts in water (never a good idea, but felt better than sleeping in them) in cups on my bedside table.. on the first night we were there.

my mom woke up and threw them down the sink because she thought they were just cups of water. the rest of my vacation i saw vague shapes.


5. Some would consider a trip to Australia incomplete without a pack of wild dogs eating kangaroo guts, like what happened to Trickenzie.

A caravan trip to the north of Western Australia in the 70s. On the way we were headed through a cattle grid (for those that don't know this is where the fence crosses the road and there is a metal grid in the road to stop cows). There was a dead bloated roo on the grid and a car coming the other way so my father had to drive over the roo. Which burst. We wound up the windows very fast and at the next town all the dogs came running and had a great time eating chunks of dead cooked rotten roo off the car. We then drove over 180 miles of corragated unsealed road and spent the night in a caravan park - read bare dirt patch with no power and thunderbox loos for caravan park. We had a fire in the caravan that night. When we got to our destination and hooked up the powe there was ano electrical fault which threw my mother 30ft. It was supposed to be a "save the marriage"holiday. I was about 15 and the entire month was hell on wheels.


6. User onthebalcony didn't get to enjoy the local flavor because the local flavor enjoyed them.

Bitten by a (they say) black widow on my first day in Borneo. The paralysis started on my hand, where I was bitten, and just traveled up and got really scary when it started affecting my breathing.

7. If anybody finds this cash, please contact us in care of this deleted account.

I once left $2,000 in a hotel room whilst moving across the country only to discover It missing when trying to gas up 400 miles later.

8. One would think ilikeroastpotatoes would just not take vacations anymore.


Went to Rome and ended up in hospital with a liver infection and no English speaking doctors.

Went to Cambodia and got mugged by a group of guys on motos and my local friends decided to chase them with meat cleavers and machetes I didn't previously know they owned.

Went to Australia and got third degree burns on my foot on the last day of a festival I was volunteering at and got lots of morphine and my Brazilian friends found a trolley to wheel me back to my hostel in after.


9. For Nylrem8, "the honeymoon period" means something entirely different.

Honeymoon. We got to the gate and as we're about to enter the plane we're told to step aside because our tickets are void and have not been paid. We frantically tried to call/email our travel agent to figure out what the hell happened since we have confirmation numbers and receipts. As we watch the clock getting closer and closer to departure time, the desk agent tells us pay up for new seats or miss our flight and by extension our all- expenses paid vacation. We pay up and runback to the gate just in time.

When we arrived at our destination, our driver was no where to be found. We spent1.5 hrs calling the hotel, the travel agent, and the car company. Eventually an airport worker found the driver napping in his car.

Finally when we got to the resort, we spent half of the time sick from the change of food. Needless to say, this was one of the worst and most expensive vacations we've ever taken.


10. BornToClaire-ify relates her story of traveling with a man we can only assume was named "Tedd Bundy" or "Charles T. Manson."

When I was about 11 or 12, I was invited to spend 2 weeks in Florida with my best friend's family at their condo. My best friend, Michelle, and her mom would spend the whole summer down there, while her dad would fly down just for 2 weeks, so he could maintain the family business. I was to fly down with Michelle's dad.

Now, I don't want to give up too much information, but Michelle's dad has a name very similar to a convict who was wanted at the time of our flight. Seriously, it's one letter off. Being 11-12, my bags, tickets, etc. were all in his name. We were stopped at every single airport and searched. Even on our layover. People kept looking at the name on the reservation and had this look of panic come over their eyes.


11. Either one of jonincalgary's things is pretty bad on their own. Together? Storytelling gold.

Ran out of diapers 3 hours into a 7 hour flight with a toddler who developed explosive diarrhea.

12. But other than that, how was the trip, the_master_of_memes?

One resort near Durban in South Africa. That place is bad mojo, I swear. My dad became deathly ill, I was nearly offed when I choked on a massive fish bone, and my mom was cooking when the gas stove fucking exploded, showering extremely hot shards of glass all over the house (none of which hit any of us, amazingly).


13. JustaLittleDuckie had a vacation that was just like Stand By Me. Not the friendship and camping stuff—the pie-eating contest.

Every year all 30+ of us rent a big house on the beach/in the mountains/whatever the theme is for that year, and we all stay for about five days.

Two years ago we all got to our vacation spot and spent one night. The next day we are out doing touristy stuff and my then two year old daughter vomits. Kids randomly puking is expected and everyone assumed that it was from all the excitement and whatnot.

So the second day, we all get back to the house, eat dinner...

and one. by one by one...

26 people end up with the most intense stomach virus I have ever seen. And three bathrooms.

At one point my aunt was pooping on the toilet and puking into the waste bin, my cousin and laying in the floor of the family room, puking where she lay and sister was standing on the balcony debating if she had the time to run to the sink or should just heave over the balcony. I sat in a chair and puked all down myself during all of this.


14. Poor 0hHaiMark got in trouble for doing drugs without even getting to do any drugs.

Went to Rocky Point for spring break a few years ago. We get pulled over by 3 cop cars and about 6 or 7 cops fear apart our car, destroying a few of our things in the process, while the 4 of us got pretty heavily cavity searched (the guys more than the ladies). They were asking us where our drugs were. We had bought (and consumed) nothing but booze on this trip.

After realizing we didn't have anything, they just all left without a word.


15. An embarrassing ordeal, but this deleted user made a Facebook friend for life.

Testicular torsion whilst on a plane to Greece.

Nothing like having a strange man claiming to be a doctor fondling your twisted nuts in a curtained off staff section of the plane whilst your mum and several air hostesses watch.