Well, Mr. @BofA_Help, maybe you could go back in time to 2006 and undo all this.

Here are two facts we found surprising: 1) the Occupy movement is still strong enough to be unfairly harassed by police for posing virtually no threat to the status quo, and 2) Bank of America can still find ways to surprise us with their stupidity and ability to be completely tone-deaf. That's what happened when @darthmarkh here posted his pretty-good-but-ultimately-unlikely-to-change-the-world street art and @SteveTimmis supported him with sarcasm, prompting the @BofA_Help bot to chime in with unflappable digital friendliness. Then, as this attracted attention from the rest of Twitter, @BofA_Help bot offered to help people over and over and over, blissfully unaware that it had become the butt of a million jokes. The whole exchange was captured by blogger Eksith Rodrigo. See the whole chain reaction below:

Sources: Eksith Rodrigo | Salon