James Williams is a barber in Briton Ferry, United Kingdom, who barbs as Jim the Trim. This week, Jim the Trim went viral for going the extra mile in order to cut a few inches off the hair of a young boy with Autism. 


Posting on his Facebook page, Jim the Trim wrote about his new friend and client, Mason, who was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder a few months ago. Jim has been trying many different ways to cut Mason's hair, but finally found a way that Mason was comfortable with: 

 the extremes you need to achieve when your cutting hair is amazing even having to go down to a child's level literally haha :)

mason who few months ago got diagnosed with asd, Jamie & denine got recommended to me , so over last few month I have been attempting to find different ways how to cut masons hair, he wouldn't allow me to go near one of his ears he would run away on times if he wasn't up to it ,

But today I finally achieved it where we both layed on the floor in silence & he allowed me to cut away & give him his first proper haircut, again achieving something in a job I love making both parents happy by giving extra attention to mason by building a friendship at trust with mason & myself

What gave the finishing touch I asked for a high 5, he hugged me 

Sources: James Williams | h/t BuzzFeed