This guy is just like Batman, if Batman wasn't rich and cool, but instead got his car by having one girlfriend buy it for him and then another girlfriend trick it out.

Amy Estrada was dating Batman. Not the cool Batman who lives the double life of Bruce Wayne and superhero, but the sh*tty Batman who lives the double life of dating Estrada while secretly also seeing another woman. 

This Sh*tty Batman decided to get his Nitro SUV tricked out to look, as Fox 2 Detroit puts it, "just like the Batmobile," which is a pretty inaccurate phrase for a car that has a shape nothing like the real Batmobile. Plus, I'm pretty sure Batman doesn't have bumper stickers of himself on his car. Anyway, the bigger problem is that, according to Estrada, the car she purchased for Sh*tty Batman was in her name, and he got another woman to pay to add all the awesome kind-of-pathetic Batman additions. So, since Estrada's owns the car, she decided to sell it on Craigslist

Sources: Fox 2 Detroit