People shared the freakiest coincidences that ever happened to them. Magic is real, y'all.

People shared the freakiest coincidences that ever happened to them. Magic is real, y'all.

Someone on Ask Reddit asked users "What's something you're pretty sure has only happened to you?" and the answers people gave might leave you agog. Like, you know that story about the mom who discovered her twins had two different fathers? That's happened to at least 10 people. This stuff is weirder. Please enjoy.

1. When the conversation turns to bad landlord stories, GTBlues wins.

Was reading a book about a serial killer. Turned over the page to see a picture of MY house. The serial killer was my former landlord.

eta: He was the most prolific serial killer in recorded history. At the time I rented his (former childhood) home from him, he wasn't known to be a murderer. I didn't know him personally, it was through an estate agent.

The poop hit the fan about 2 years after I left that house. I was sitting in my new home reading a book about him and just saw the picture of my former home. He was born and raised there and both of his parents died in the kitchen and living room there. He left at 17 to go to medical school in Leeds.

edit: about 250 victims. The book was Prescription For Murder by Brian Whittle and Jean Ritchie.

2. That's called a boomerang, rumdiary.

I grew up in Australia until 1998, then my family (and me) moved to the UK.

13 years later me and my wife were on the last day of our honeymoon in Venice and I bumped into my best friend from High School in Australia. First time I'd seen him in 13 years. He was on the first day of his honeymoon with his wife.

3. User kotkaiser might be Walt from Lost?

A live bird fell on my head while I was sleeping. Twice. In completely unrelated incidents. I was inside in both.

Edit: due to request:

Both times they flew through an open window at night and crashed into the window I was sleeping next to. I did the only thing any normal person would do both times: I screamed like a little girl. I caught both birds, one was a middle sized dark thing (middle of the night, no light, drunk) and the other a pigeon, and released them. They were both fine


4. Everyone wants to meet this woman bos789 is talking about.

I dated a woman in high school who left me senior year because she discovered she was gay. After college, a different woman also left me because she said she was gay. Both those women left me for the same woman.

5. LouBeeftard has experienced the circle of life in the lamest possible way.

The first customer who I had to deal with on a new job was the last person I said goodbye to the day I quit that job. It was full circle and it blows my mind everytime I think about it.

6. No one will ever believe followingflanders.

I was playing with a clear plastic bead a in high school craft class. It was small, think like maybe 1/3 the size of a pearl. I got bored and wandered out to the balcony. As i stepped out the door, I threw the bead over arm out into the courtyard, except that on it's way out, it nicked the bottom of the awning that came down only about 2cm from the roof and i swear, bounced back to me and landed directly in my hand which was still in the process of swinging down from the throw.

I was gobsmacked. I just walked back in to class and sat down quietly knowing that even if I told someone they'd never believe me.

To this day, it remains the most impressive thing I've ever done, and I've never told this to anyone until now.


7. That's why everyone wants to rub asylum32's wife's shoulders.

My wife and I were in a casino and she sat down to play Video Poker. After only 4 hands she hits a Royal Flush for $4,000.

The casino workers come to pay her out and a lady next to my wife also playing video poker sees it and asks my wife, "Can I rub your shoulder real fast before I play my next hand so I'll get a Royal Flush too?"

My wife and I look at each other very weirded out but my wife didn't want to come off rude, so she shrugs and says, "Sure."

The lady awkwardly rubs my wife's shoulder, hits Deal, and gets a Royal Flush. Also $4,000. All three casino workers, myself, my wife, and a couple nearby players just stood there with our jaws dropped. I'm not a superstitious man but what the fuck.


8. White van guy is always watching lucidillusions.

Three am, walking to the bus stop with two friends. So one of the friend starts telling us a story that took place few years ago in is home town.

This kid, in college, was walking back to his home late evening, a white van stops next to him and asks for direction. He gives them direction, the van leaves, stops 20ft ahead of him this time. So the kid goes to the van, and gets jumped on by people in it and gets kidnapped.

The moment he finished the story, a white van pulls up next to us, and one of the guy asks us for direction. We give him direction, the van leaves, and stops again some thirty feet ahead of us. We stop walking and look at the van. We stood there for close to ten minute before the van left and we resumed our walk.


9. Footballp09 has seen desperation.

When I was 8 years old i witnessed a common mouse commit suicide. I was just walking through my garage when I saw him dart out from behind something and throw his poor little body under my foot. It happened so fast I couldn't stop my foot. I imagine he probably did it because he got behind on bills, or maybe life was just to hard for him.

10. Antony Loveless can't be killed.

Under bombardment in Baghdad in 2004, A Chinese-made Katyusha rocket landed 30ft away and blew me up. I stood up, dusted myself off, and discovered I was completely unhurt.

As I was marveling at this, I watched another rocket come in. I knew from its parabola that my luck was up, and stood rooted to the spot, horrified, as it came down nose first about 5 ft away from me. I've never been so certain that my life was over.

It failed to explode.


11. PrototypeT800 was moved.

A few years ago I was in a really bad place one night and decided to take a walk and see where I end up. About 30 minutes in a car pulls up beside me and 3 girls jump out and give me some flowers, telling me to cheer up and everything will be alright. One of the girls even offered for me to come with them, but another girl said something so I declined. I kept those flowers on my desk for almost a month before I threw them out. It was by far one of the strangest things I have ever experienced. I know it was probably some prank or a dare, but that still does not change how much it touched me that day.


12. Okay, sizzlorr26 probably didn't need to share this one.

One time when I was constipated I pooped so hard that when my poop fell it made a huge sploosh that made the water splash into my mouth.

13. XXVIIMAN performed real magic.

When I was eleven and into magic so I could get all the ladies, I was holding a quarter in my left hand and tapped it with my right. When I opened my left hand, there was no quarter there. Nobody was in the house with me (I don't know why I wasn't masturbating), and I was freaking the fuck out for the next two hours. It was nowhere around me, and it couldn't have flown across the room.


14. _Bubba_Ho-Tep_ just blew everyone's minds.

My identical twin brother and I both married women with the same first and middle name. So now they have the same first, last and middle name.