Bill Cosby admitted to a huge heap of incriminating garbage ten years ago.

Back in 2014, before his past caught up to him. (Getty)

Thanks to an unsealed deposition from 2005, past-Bill-Cosby is now one of the people whose testimony directly conflicts with current-day-Bill-Cosby. The four day deposition took place in Philadelphia, when Andrea Constand brought a case against Cosby for sexual misconduct, which was settled out of court in 2006. Until now, only parts of the transcript had been revealed, but The NY Times found the entire nightmare of a document online.

According to the Times, "[While] Mr. Cosby denied he was a sexual predator who assaulted many women, he presented himself in the deposition as an unapologetic, cavalier playboy, someone who used a combination of fame, apparent concern and powerful sedatives in a calculated pursuit of young women."

Sources: NY Times