A man named Drew Ford has set a new high bar for petty revenge against a woman who was rude to him on the bus. But his vengeance was so brilliantly simple and cruel, we can't help but laugh (while hating ourselves for it). On Facebook, Ford writes:

She bumped my leg and didn't say excuse me so when I brought it to her attention she said your leg shouldn't have been in the way......well since she wanna be petty .....Ima be petty

Once you see the picture, it'll make sense:

Posted by Andrew Braxton on Friday, December 4, 2015

Damn that's cold! And she would have no idea until she tried and failed to get off at her stop. This is really a flawless piece of vengeance. Unless Ford didn't get off the bus first. Then it would really backfire.

Ford originally posted the image to Facebook in December 2015, but it's going viral all over again thanks to someone uploading it to Imgur. In less than a day, it's been viewed more than 260,000 times on Imgur, in addition to its 350,000 Facebook likes and 180,000 Facebook shares.


Man, the internet has a sick sense of humor.