Finally, someone took a stand against people taking a stand against sea turtles.

If you hate turtles, don't worry: they have plenty of natural enemies. (via Getty)

In a truly WTF story, a drunk man attacked a group of people protecting a sea turtle nest as it hatched those bitty babies into the ocean. Stanley Pannaman, a 72-year-old ex-Marine, was one of the last walls between this turtle-rage-fueled madman and endangered new lives. According to The Daily News, this is how it went down after he and his friend Doug Young were approached by the assailant, human distillery Michael McAuliffe:

"'He was sitting on a bench near the entrance and he said "I hate sea turtle people, you f---ing bother me, get out of here,"' Pannaman said... soon after, McAuliffe walked up to the habitat and began removing the sticks and tape... Pannaman said he began to inform McAuliffe he was breaking the law but the suspect then allegedly took a swing at Young."
Sources: The Daily News