Do you remember, just a few short months ago, when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau cuddled panda cubs at the Toronto Zoo?

Here's a refresher on Jia Pan Pan, Jia Yueyue, and Justin:

The photo went as viral as a photo of a hot world leader playing with baby animals could go. It landed on the desk of one especially talented Canadian artist, who decided to turn the whole thing into a sculpture. Made of butter.


The Canadian National Exhibition, according to Time, has a butter sculpture every year. This year, Trudeau won the honor of having his likeness preserved in dairy form.

Are you ready to meet Butter Trudeau?

Is it just us, or does he look like Butter Abraham Lincoln?


Knowing Mr. Trudeau, he'll bring some toast and his pandas over to CNE and make the whole world swoon yet again. Who's hungry?