13 people reveal the cheap products they swear are better than their name-brand counterparts.

13 people reveal the cheap products they swear are better than their name-brand counterparts.

Some people just feel better buying the more expensive versions of things, but if you're not afraid of saving some money, here are 13 cheap versions of products people on reddit swear are just as good as their expensive counterparts.


1. a_great_thinker will never pay for expensively named cereal again.

Nothing like some delicious Crispy Hexagons from the grocery store

2. student12543 points out that the wage gap isn't the only way society skims money away from women.

Men's razors are far cheaper that women's and are also easier to use.

3. tivofanatico has a way to stick it to the late Steve Jobs.

Amazon replacement cables for Apple products. Don't go too cheap or you'll get "This is not a supported accessory."


4. tigerinhouston never spend more than a couple bucks on food that can be made in a truck.

Tacos. $1.50 at the local truck beats $4 at Torchy's or some other hipster taco joint.

5. Space_cat1776 will teach you how to be a basic bitch for less-than-basic prices.

Costco Kirkland sheepskin boots are better than "real" Uggs, for the cold-weather enthusiasts among us.

$30 and they're bettter than UGG boots because Kirkland uses real shearling, and Ugg switched to some "Ugg-pure" shit that only looks like shearling, but doesn't wear as well. And Kirkland boots have better traction, so they're actually pretty decent on icy sidewalks. They aren't hardcore snow boots to wear in a snowstorm, but add some waterproofing spray and they're fine for most conditions. So "real" Uggs are $160 now, and Costco is $30 for a better boot! And yes, they're just as comfy (and ugly, depending on your point of view).


6. ItMightBeTru3 doesn't believe in paying for bottles.


7. Hogwarts9876 has a great tip if you don't mind paying for the flight to Australia.

Aldi supermarkets in Australia sell $2 100 gram blocks of dark chocolate which are fair trade, vegan and utterly delicious. I remember reading about a blind study done by a whole load of chocolate connoisseurs where the Aldi chocolate beat out a whole load of fancy brand ones like Lindt.

8. UnsuccessfulAtLife has a hot tip for anyone who is still trying to impress someone from the '80s.

Rubik's Cubes. Get a high quality speedcube for around 9-20 dollars on average or a shitty Rubik's brand for 30ish dollars. Your choice.


9. OfficerBrando has you and your food covered.

BBQ Sauce. God DAMN I love me some Sweet Baby Rays. And it is like $1.50 for the big bottle!

10. Original_Jeballa has a tech tip for pretty much everyone who isn't stuck in the 90s.

Hdmi cables. Seen them for 30-$100 plus (usually for people who know nothing about tech), when you can pick up a pair with the same specs for dirt cheap (less than 5 bucks) online

11. enginerd808 knows Grey Goose's dirty little secret.

Kirkland vodka


12. no_talent_ass_clown has a charming story about the value of time.

Story time.

My dad is one of nine children and I have 33 first cousins on that side. We all used to celebrate our birthdays at grandma's house.

Grandma always used to give us all the same thing - a slice of fresh-baked angel food cake and a slab of neapolitan ice cream, served up on a paper plate with a fork.

When I was in my early 20's, I decided to try baking an angel food cake of my own. Ever tried it? You gotta separate close to a dozen eggs to get the whites (and what do you do with all those yolks??), whip them forever until they form peaks, fold in a bunch of stuff including the esoteric Cream of Tartar, then bake it for a longish time.

In the end, it smelled completely tantalizing and it tasted pretty good, but not like Grandma's, which I judged to be better.

So I call up my grandma, ask her what the secret is. She says, "Oh honey. There were so many children and we were poor! I just grabbed a dozen of the cheapest box mix off the shelf at Safeway."

So there's your answer. Angel food cake from a box vs homemade.


13. And finally, theres iBendUove, who clearly has no idea how expensive it is to keep a girlfriend.

Sex... Speaking from experience, free sex is ALOT better than the kind you pay for.