British words alert: The English say "Happy Christmas," and "asda" is kind of like Safeway.

It's the holidays, and there is no tradition better than ganging up on an employer who has treated their employee's perfectly reasonable holiday request with contempt and termination. Today's entry is the Plough Pub in Oxforshire, United Kingdom. Here, they decided to fire their head chef, Jim Knight, right before the holidays because he asked for one weekend and Christmas Day off this month to spend with his wife and baby. Unfortunately, they forgot that he was the one in charge of the Twitter account, since he was the one who set it up:


Password still set to ChefsRule123.

Now, they could have just said "no" without firing him. Their employee would have been upset, but it's the holidays and it's not really unusual for restaurant employees to be forced to work over the Christmas/New Year's holiday. They would have been jerks, yes, but they would have been unexceptional ones. Firing a person for requesting time off is always a dick move, but when that person is your head chef, and has a seven-and-a-half-month old baby, you're really asking for Internet justice. 

So Jim went home and logged onto the @PloughPub Twitter account and sent out the tweets you see above (that picture contains the whole run). Apparently, this still may end up being a net plus for Plough Pub, since the hilariously outdated visitor counter (it's been maybe a decade since I've seen one un-ironically) on their website shows that the past 24 hours have seen more traffic than the previous month (and probably past year) combined:

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