This man, known only as Mr. Yuan, is apparently much better at lying to women than he is at driving.

(via Changsha TV)

A man whom Chinese press identifies only as "Mr. Yuan" (very restrained on their part) was involved in a car crash on March 24. That crash has probably been the highlight of the past two weeks since then, because the aftermath revealed his double-timing habits, and by "double-timing," I mean "seventeen-timing."

That's how many girlfriends, all unknown to each other, showed up to the hospital when they heard the news. This came as a big surprise to the women, most of whom had been dating him for months, some for years. One of them has a son with Mr. Yuan, and another (who said she thought he was her "Mr. Right") had begun planning their wedding. It also came as a shock to hospital staff.

Sources: South China Morning Post