Making its way across the various social platforms this weekend is a picture of a smiling kid in smug ignorance of the beatdown he is about to receive in the card game Uno. Its appeal is simple and universal for anyone who's played Uno or just likes watching kids learn that cards, like life, are random and cruel. This photo about harsh realities actually comes from former MLB pitcher and current sports host and commentator CJ Nitkowski. Speaking of those harsh realities, this photo has over 870,000 views on imgur and thousands of upvotes on reddit as of press time, whereas the original picture and tweet—posted by a man actively trying to get ahead in the world of media—has only 120 retweets. There is no way of knowing if Nitkowski is even aware this photo has become popular. Harsh realities, indeed. If you're unfamiliar with the game of Uno, basically the objective is to give away all your cards, yelling "Uno!" when you win. Nitkowski's hand is basically full of cards that will burden his son with extra cards, followed by a card that skips over his son's turn, followed by a card that allows the player to choose the color of the next hand, which would be the final card. TL;DR—A child is going to be sulking in a few minutes.

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