The Internet's cleverest answers to “Can you say how old you are without using numbers?"

The Internet's cleverest answers to “Can you say how old you are without using numbers?"

On Monday, the good people at AskReddit spent the day identifying their ages. But there was a catch, of course: they had to do so without using numbers. "Without using a number, how old are you?" asked one user named Abro123. What proceeded was part guessing game, part case study in the most memorable events from each year and era. Here are some of the best responses.

You don't have to say your age. Just let them figure it out.

1. Wtfxstfu is an old-school nerd who would've loved Reddit.

When I was in high school people made fun of me for using the internet.

2. No, MoogleBoy's birth year isn't Animal Farm.

Orwell wrote a novel about my birthyear.

Although one commenter said it was.

3. People on Reddit couldn't believe a human as old as Seeteethree walked among them. 

Principal walked into my Junior Year English class to announce Kennedy's assassination.

4. Blakesdemon gives a very precise time span.

I remember pre internet but not the wall coming down.

5. Wisdom comes with age, and there is a 34-year-old who named himself Bucket_O_Beef.

Rhymes with dirty whore.

6. Don't make everyone do math, lohaloha.

If i had a kid when i was in highschool, that kid would be in highschool now.

7. You probably have to be a certain age to even get theletterandrew's reference. 

Nobody likes you at my age.


8. Ask_me_if_Im_lying needs you to google Jimi Hendrix.

I'm currently the 'rock star death age'.

9. Sandra_nz wants you to ask Douglas Adams what to get her for her birthday.

I am the answer to life the universe and everything.

10. Acefish3 solved the mystery for you, but you would've gotten close.

Old enough to remember having to take the ball out of the bottom of a computer mouse to clean it, but not old enough to remember the world without Internet. EDIT: Thanks for all of the guesses friends, I'm 19 turning 20! 

11. A+ for effort goes to SqutternutBoshes, even though commenters helpfully point out that "3" is a number.

Toy Story 3 was especially emotional for me as it came out the summer before I started university, and I'd been doing the same kind of clear out as Andy ready to go


12. Who knows their Russian history as well as MichaelStrauss?

I was born a day before Chernobyl started to melt down.

13. Who knows their "Africa" history as well as reticulate?

Africa by Toto was at the top of the Billboard charts when I was born.

14. Meanwhile, Garrett141 remembers a simpler time.

Old enough to appreciate Samurai Jack, Johnny Bravo, Dexter's Lab, and Justice League Unlimited. Young enough to be surprised a lot of my slightly younger peers have no idea what I am going on about.

15. And finally, htebazilenylorac—but who doesn't measure their age in J. Law years?

I am a day older than Jennifer Lawrence.

She's that important.

How old are you