Washington state sues Comcast for $100 million for being the worst thing ever.

Washington state sues Comcast for $100 million for being the worst thing ever.

If you've ever had to call Comcast for literally anything, then you know they're the worst. You've probably thought to yourself "Somebody should teach these thieves a lesson." Well, your wish has been granted! Washington state has filed a consumer protection lawsuit against Comcast for $100 million dollars.


Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson said in a statement:

This case is a classic example of a big corporation deceiving its customers for financial gain... I won’t allow Comcast to continue to put profits above customers — and the law.

Aw snap!

Ferguson contends that Comcast has been deceiving 500,000 Washington customers with false promises of protections if certain dues are added to their monthly service charges—dues that have totaled over $73 million.

Comcast said in a statement:

We worked with the Attorney General’s Office to address every issue they raised, and we made several improvements based on their input. Given that we were committed to continue working collaboratively with the Attorney General’s Office, we’re surprised and disappointed that they have instead chosen litigation. We stand behind our products and services and will vigorously defend ourselves.


Playing dumb, are we Comcast?!


Ferguson's response to Comcast's "surprised" statement is a flat-out mic drop.

Get it Fergie!


If the lawsuit is successful, Washington Comcast residents could get reimbursed for previous erroneous payments and up to $2,000 under the federal Consumer Protection Act.

So Washingtonios (your new name), get ready to count those Benjamins.