Congressman Roger Marshall has informed House Speaker Paul Ryan that he has grounded his son for dabbing at a photo op at his swearing in on Tuesday. The Kansas Representative's 17-year-old son Cal Marshall utilized the photo shoot to turn his family into a meme, affirming what we all already know: teenagers are the worst.

Republican Kansas Rep. Roger Marshall stood proudly for the picture when his idiot son, just inches to his left, tried to make a mockery of his family on one of the most important days of his father's political career.


"You all right?" asked the Speaker.

"I’m all right," replied Marshall, who is still mid-dab. Literally, the kid doesn't even un-dab while talking to the Speaker of the House. I also hate that his actions just made me type the word 'un-dab' as if that is actually a thing.

"Can you put your hand down?" asks Ryan, who wanted no part of becoming the joke of the internet (again).

After the picture was finally taken, Ryan asked Marshall if he was posing with his elbow in front of his face because he was going to sneeze. It is cold and flu season, after all. He responded by saying, "don't worry about it," which is the appropriate answer if you are a little sh*t who still thinks dabbing is funny.


Of course, the internet wasted no time explaining what "dabbing" is to Ryan, who could not have cared less.

Representative Marshall, however, didn't take the prank lightly.

Hopefully his son will be grounded until dabbing goes to the fad graveyard, right along with planking and Tebowing. Remember those? Yeah, that's what I thought.