Living next to someone gives you a front row seat to all the weird stuff they do in the "privacy" of their own homes. Sometimes they're "fun and silly" crazy, sometimes they're "weird and depressing" crazy, and other times, they're just straight up "are-you-a-murderer" crazy. When Redditor glitterbaubles asked users about their craziest neighbor stories, all three types of responses came out in spades. Here's the best of the bunch.

1. The newlyweds.


2. The technological urinators.

3. The drug dealers.

4. The benevolent pill-taker.


5. The longboarder.

6. The insane quadruplets.

7. The Chinese brothel owners.


8. The naked lawn mower.

9. The pot growing nudist next door.

10. The guy who was secretly DMX.


11. The crazy boyfriend.

12. The stranger.

13. The paranoid chimney climber.


14. The confident heroin dealer.

15. The Drake enthusiasts.

16. The lawn vacuumer.


17. The dramatic elderly couple.

Sources: Reddit