The creepiest thing about this AskReddit thread where people shared the creepiest things that ever happened to them is that, as a rule, none of the stories are paranormal. It's not ghosts doing these things—it's human beings. And, OK, in one instance, Chewbacca.

1. CommiePatrol83 was nearly kidnapped, or worse.

When I was a little kid, like 8 or 9 I was walking down a pretty main street in Moscow, with a friend of mine. I don't really remember where we were headed, but I was the type of kid that was always out and about. So we turn down a smaller street and I see this guy, he was sorta sick looking, like his face was weird. He was standing in front of an open door and it was really dark inside. He calls to me and he says "could you please go inside and grab my glasses for me? I can't see without them." I look inside and all I could see is a table and a chair. So he tells me it's right there on the table. I was a little weirded out plus the door was one of these thick metal doors so it got me even more scared. So then I tell him if you know where the glasses are why can't you get them yourself? And he tells me it's hard for him to see so why don't I do it. At this point I just walked away really fast. Sometimes I still think of that moment and I think that I could've been easily raped or molested or killed that day.

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