Certain experiences unite us all as humans. We all love, we all die, and we all, at some point in our lives, suffer horrifyingly embarrassing situations that keep us up at night with regrets and cold chills for years or even decades after the fact. But one person's awkward moment can be incredibly hilarious to another person. So luck for us, people took to Reddit to share their most cringe-tastic moments so that we may all laugh together at their pain.


1. What is seen cannot be unseen, Shishkahuben.

Sent like five love confessions to a girl in high school over MySpace, then chickened out and deleted them.

Turns out deleting stuff from the sent box doesn't unsend the message.

2. NarawynSeven just felt too deflated.

Farted in karate class. I was like 8 but never went back after that

3. And that's when dawrina wished to move underground, where the potatoes live.

when I was in middle school (6th grade) these older kids were making fun of me, so I turned and yelled at them "I can't hear you I have a POTATO IN MY EAR" Like I was the smartest fucking person on earth.

They proceeded to continue making fun of me and my potato ear.


4. The date and time of the event subs_only created: forever.

During my alcohol phase I went on Facebook to search for and pore over pictures of my crush. When I woke up in the morning, I realised that I had actually created an event with her name as the title.

5. "You talkin' to me?" — BrickHizzy. (No.)

I had a female family friend. We ended up going to the same school in the end and she was having a party that evening. We were across the room from each other in the canteen, in two separate lunch queues.

There was a lot of shouting across from people trying to talk to their friends and I caught her calling to me and trying to say something. I keep shouting back 'WHAT?!' cos it's so noisy.


Room suddenly goes quet.


Turns out she was trying to talk to her friend behind me.

Don't know why this makes me cringe everytime I think back to it. But it's probably to do with how cool I felt at 11 being friends with one of the cool girls by default.

Who it turns out never really liked me anyway.


6. Will Zanowin ever live this down? Neeeeeeigh.

As a young kid, I was obsessed with horses. I walked around everywhere bobbing my head (to simulate wind blowing through my non existent horse hair.) I did this for like a year until my mom asked me what I was doing and then proceeded to tell me I looked like a pigeon


7. The memory of this will, appropriately enough, stalk CaptainOnBoard.


My crush came to my house to do a high school project. It involved the Internet and while she sat next to me she tried to navigate to Google on my computer. Unfortunately, the address bar auto-filled and took her to my last Google search... page two of results for her name. Every link had been clicked. We both just sat in silence.

8. Remember on that show Guts, when the mountain was swimming in gas? User furmthewurm basically re-created that on a rock wall.

I was rock climbing with the class when I was like 14. I'd climbed the first few walls with ease, so me and 2 other kids were allowed to go on a big wall while the rest of our class watched from below. I was nearing the top and couldn't reach for the next hold, so everyone started to yell "do it! Do it! Do it!" So I'm like fuck it I'm gonna jump. I propel myself upwards, and because of the immense strain which I had caused my body during the propulsion stage, I farted very loudly. Everyone started laughing. Oh and I also didn't make it and fell down.


9. User macncheeseprincess really shouldn't be embarrassed, because she could afford crabs when she was 17.

When I was 17 I was texting my boyfriend and remember saying "I can't wait for you to come over this weekend so we can have sex and eat crabs". I sent it to my step dad.


10. A classic case of the wrong snuggles for reddituser1323.

I was out with my dad at some event. I was maybe 14 or 15. It was an off-roading club and it was his first event to go to. I was tired and we were getting ready to leave. I saw my dad talking to some people, he was like leaning on their car, looking into their window and talking to them. I came up and put my head on his shoulder/chest area and looked into the car for a couple seconds just to hang out and see who he was talking to. It wasn't my dad. It just looked like him from behind. All conversation stopped and it didn't hit me for like 20 seconds. Then I said nothing and walked away.


11. 240to180 really did not start the New Year off on the right foot.

Last year on New Year's Eve I was at a big bar in New York with friends and I got kind of drunk and went outside for a cigarette at one point. I must have actually been outside for the countdown, because when I came back in I looked at my phone and it was like 12:02 and I asked my friend why there wasn't a countdown done by the DJ. I couldn't really hear what he said, so I went up to the DJ and asked to use the mic and I did a second countdown. In front of the entire bar. With hundreds of people. Starting at "30". And no one joined in.


12. A socksy story by lukus10000.

When I went to "visit" (just making out really, nothing serious) my first girlfriend, I found it hard to control my body. It got really bad. Not only did I get a raging hard on, but I would also start to precum, making a super awkward and obvious spot. I attempted various solutions, such as taping cotton balls to my dick, or bandaids over my cock hole. Well, the most convenient solution was simply a sock. This worked well when I was hard, but not so much when it wasn't. One day, it fell off without my knowing. She walks up to me and says "hey, don't forget your sock!" Then, she looked down to see my bright green flip flops.


13. Yes, this embarrassing story from RivyGucci really, uh, takes the cake.

Worked a wedding when I had a short stint with a catering company. An older waiter and myself were tasked with moving the cake from the front of the reception to the kitchen for it to be cut and plated. Just as we were about to pick it up, the table gave out and the cake splatted on the ground. Imagine what the 300+ guests, a crying bride, and a pissed off groom looked like.


14. No longer a Secret for txplf23.

I was buying some stuff on the Victoria's Secret website. I use my laptop at home and occasionally on the road for work. Well, apparently the auto fill filled out my work address instead of my home address. I didn't even notice. My direct supervisor usually signs for packages and opens them, since we're constantly ordering parts. He ended up opening my package and pulling out a bunch of lacy underwear and a bra in the main reception area. He just shoved everything back in the box and handed it to me (I'm the only female in that office) and neither him or I mentioned anything about it ever again. I'm now paranoid and double- and triple-check the shipping address on everything.


15. While it's common to flee after an embarrassing moment, poor tylerstockman144 had return to the scene of the crime.

Waited in line at a gas station bathroom. I went in and took a gigantic shit, and clogged the toilet. I tried to plunge it, but nothing worked. So I walked out with about 3 guys staring at me waiting to go in. I quickly drove off, only to find out I left my phone in the bathroom. Had to turn around and ask for my phone while everyone just stared at me.


16. Better for Grandma to see than literally the whole world, Reddit_At_Work_Lol.

I used to live with my grandma. One day, I was getting ready to walk over to the laundromat to move my clothes over from the washer to the dryer. As I was putting my shoes on, my gramma said, "I hope there aren't any pretty girls in the laundry room." Puzzled, I asked her what she was talking about. She motioned to my pants and told me to zip up. I looked down and lo and behold, my dick was just hanging out for the world to see.

Every time I remember that fateful evening, I lose a bit of my will to live.


17. This story from AlchemyWolf is bloody awful.

When I was like 16, I had a huge crush on this girl. I also had a bad acne problem.

So one day, I guess I popped a pimple or something, but I had some blood on my face. I greeted her (we were close friends so we did that "cheek kiss" that is just actual cheek to cheek contact) and...

I stained her face with my pimple blood.

Her friend started laughing hysterically.

Rip my self-esteem.

18. Bless you, pizzaparty4-1.


I was really sick one day in high school, and my mother thought I was faking it and still made me go. I sneezed so hard I shit myself. It was everywhere. I called her to ask if she could pick me up from school or at least bring me a change of clothes, she still thought I was lying.

Luckily my gym teacher found me a pair of pants, but I had to deal with my shame for the rest of the school year. I got made fun of a lot for that.