Perhaps this wasn't the class reunion they were expecting.

"Remember me? I was in my Depeche Mode phase?" (via YouTube)

The woman on the left is Mindy Glazer, a judge in the Eleventh Judicial Court of Florida. The man on the right is Arthur Booth, a former scholar and athlete whose life started going downhill when he turned to drugs. The two of them used to play football together in middle school. Over 30 years later, Booth ended up in Glazer's courtroom on counts of burglary, grand theft, resisting arrest, and fleeing.

During the hearing, Glazer asks Booth if he went to Nautilus Middle School. All of a sudden, a flash of recognition hits him and he smiles, exclaiming "Oh my god!" Things turn pretty quickly, though, and Booth breaks down and starts sobbing, shouting "Oh my goodness" over and over again. Glazer recalls all of the positive things about him, including how he used to be the "nicest kid in middle school." She then wishes him the best for the future.

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