As if you needed another reason not to fly, here's the latest airline horror story to keep you grounded: A New York family is suing Delta Airlines after they claim a Delta employee "slapped" their 12-year-old son's phone out of his hand while they were waiting for a flight from La Guardia Airport in New York City to Florida last July, the New York Post reports.

On July 1, 2016, Matthew Boggan was traveling to Florida with 10 family members when their Delta flight was delayed 17 hours due to a "weather event," according to court papers. The Boggan family and other passengers had been forced to sleep in sleeping on the floor, according to Inside Edition.


So when the Delta agent came over to explain the situation to the weary passengers, Boggan, being a millennial, took out his phone and began recording on Snapchat. He wanted to film the passengers' reaction to the announcement, his attorney Terrence James Cortelli said.

The Delta ticketing agent said it was "illegal" for him to film the situation, the suit claims according to The Post. She then "smacked" the phone out of his hand, according to the lawsuit filed in Rockland County. "She just came over and hit me," Boggan told The Post. "My phone went flying. I was in shock."


You can watch the video, obtained by Inside Edition, here:

According to Matthew’s father, Brian Boggan, passengers responded by yelling: "this is child abuse."

Delta spokesman Anthony Black declined to comment on the incident, but a lawyer for the airline said Matthew "interfered with the Delta agent’s ability to communication an announcement." The Boggan family is seeking "unspecified damages" from Delta, the Post reports.


The Boggans first filed their suit last year, but Matthew Boggan claims the recent viral video of a Kentucky doctor being violently dragged off an over-booked United flight brought back "horrible memories" and he refuses to fly either United or Delta.

"I’ll only fly Jet Blue," he said. Yeah, us too.

Cortelli said both incidents signal a much larger problem with airline employees disregarding their passengers' needs. "They don’t care. They know we’re trapped," he said. "We have to do whatever they say."

Sources: New York Post