Disabled veteran burns 'passive aggressive douche' who said he couldn't park in a handicap spot.

Disabled veteran burns 'passive aggressive douche' who said he couldn't park in a handicap spot.

In Austin, Texas, a disabled veteran went to drive his car, only to find an angry hand-scrawled note waiting for him. Some outraged neighbor had seen his car parked in a handicap spot and decided to have a fun little rage at his expense. This neighbor had evidently noticed that the veteran's car didn't have a handicapped sticker, but hadn't noticed the "disabled veteran" license plates. This soldier was understandably mad at this, considering that he has difficulty walking due to injuries sustained in battle, but rather than run over the neighbor's car with a tank, he decided to take the high road. He left his own note underneath a photocopy of the neighbor's, explaining the situation with a sarcastic scorn as powerful as the U.S. Military.

Here's the note he found:

Hey Buddy,

Stop parking in handicap spots!!!! You DO NOT have a sticker nor do you look handicapped. I have taken a picture of your license plate and sent it to the office officer for towing by the courtesy

Stop being a jerk!

Here's his response:

Dear Passive Aggressive Douche,

First and foremost: In the state of Texas, if a vehicle has DISABLED VETERAN license plates, that vehicle is not required, BY LAW, to have a handicapped placard displayed, nor a handicapped emblem on the license plate, UNLESS that vehicle is parked on FEDERAL property. If you had bothered to spend 30 seconds and pull the miniature computer out of your pocket to research this then you would have never needed to leave me this offensive note. Considering that you took a picture of my license plate you should have been able to very clearly see the writing at the bottom that says: DISABLED VETERAN U.S. ARMED FORCES.
But it's cool. You probably just let your emotions get the best of you and felt like being a social justice hero.

Secondly: Although I may not "look" handicapped to you, I can assure you that the amount of pain I feel in my lower body from walking due to combat-sustained injuries far supersedes any level of pain you have ever felt in your entire life. Or maybe not Who am Ito say? After all, I don't even know who you are.

By the way, I would love to hear what your idea of a handicapped person "looks" like. Asshole

Lastly: You may have noticed there is a photocopy of the note you left attached to my response. I kept the original I think I'm going to frame it so I can look at it every day as to remind myself of what kind of person to NOT be.

The guy who doesn't look handicapped.


It just goes to show, veterans never stop being heroes. Thankfully, this hero posted both notes to Reddit for the whole world to enjoy. On behalf of all of us, I'd like to say one thing to that man: BOOM.