Donald Trump offered some advice to Bill Cosby on how to handle his sexual assault accusations because when you think of people who are great at staying out of trouble, you think of Trump.

“I think it’s very sad, and frankly I don’t think he’s handling it very well,” Trump told E! from the red carpet in 2014, a time when people were finally taking seriously the 46 women who eventually came forward to accuse accuse Cosby of sexual assault.


But instead of condemning Cosby for his actions or showing sympathy for the victims, Trump, a man who has his own littered history of sexual assault allegations, judges Cosby for not living up to his PR potential.

And he should say something because he is being accused of terrible things, and to have absolutely no comment ― I think he’s getting very bad advice from a PR standpoint. And he should do it differently. He’s not doing a very good job of handling it.

Of course Trump would tell Cosby to speak up, what else would you expect from a man who sent frantic 3am tweets to defend calling a Miss Universe fat? Forget treating women correctly, it's all about the image to him.