Redditor 32purplechickpeas won a $1,000 prize in a recipe competition, but when it came time to pay up, the company ghosted. Purple Chickpeas could have just let it go, but instead he decided to take the company down from the inside.

In his own words:

I'm a professional comper: I find and enter competitions and win shit all the time.

Googling for recipe competitions one day, I found a dodgy looking personal trainer's website, who needed recipes for his brand new site and so he ran a recipe competition. Most votes wins and I won first prize: $1,000

So after a few weeks of silence, I messaged him and eventually got the fob off.


FYI: the "fob off" refers to giving a fake excuse.

Hmm. Start googling this loser and see he has just started an online taco delivery service. His fb privacy was locked down but I was able to dig through his friends accounts to work out who his close family were. And I started making bad reviews from accounts in his mothers name like, "tastes like fart, 1 star". Embarrassing him on Instagram.. Just petty shit to mess with him.


But this "petty shit" wasn't satisfying enough, so he went deeper. So deep, in fact, he got inside the whole operation.

I googled his email address and found his job posting for a taco cook. I created a new email account [columbianname] @gmail .. And used clues from his job listing and family details to make like I was a family friend, just arrived in "his city" from LA where I cooked for a popular tacoria. Threw in an hola, etc. (He said Spanish speaking was a plus) and I'd heard from [family member] he was looking for a cook..?

2 minutes later he replies: Can you come in tonight?


But getting them to hire him wasn't good enough, so he started blowing his "new job" off. Two people can play the "wasting your time" game.

No, sorry [excuse]. Repeat daily/text in sick, last minute, and eventually start ghosting him.

Replied CC'ing his business partner, telling them who I really was and a PS: You should have just paid me. This is going to be so much fun...

Finally, Purple Chickpeas declared all out war on this small business, keeping them looking over their shoulders for eternity.

I started making a glitter bomb to send to his work address. I thought about writing "one of three" on it but only sending one, so he'll always fear his mail. Meanwhile this guy is frantically messaging me, crying poor, wah wah life is hard.

I told him I didn't need his money, I was just fucking with him for fun.


Damn. That must have been a really good recipe.