People shared their rudeness pet peeves and what you can do to make the world a nicer place.

People shared their rudeness pet peeves and what you can do to make the world a nicer place.

Before you push someone down the subway stairs because they are looking at their phone (ugh, seriously, can't you wait five seconds? Some of us are trying to escape this swamp hole), take a moment to read some of these suggested etiquette rules compiled by the good citizens of AskReddit. You'll feel less alone in your frustration with humanity, and it couldn't hurt to make sure you haven't accidentally been annoying the hell out of everyone, too.


1. NewClayburn tells us to move bitch, get out the way.

Don't stop when you immediately walk into a room. Other people are trying to come in too!

2. hank_moo_d reminds us to be cool when someone is doing US the favor.

If someone is picking you up, you should be the person waiting for them to arrive, not them waiting for you to be ready.

But also, if you are getting picked up, you have a right to not have to wait for your ride too long.

3. old_gold_mountain gives one suggestion that is scientifically sound.

Let people off the train before you get on the train.

4. dasoberirishman understands the rules of the (side)road.

If you and two/three friends are walking together on the sidewalk, be aware that you may be effectively blocking the entire sidewalk. Have the courtesy to pause your walking conversation and move to let people walking either in the other direction, or behind you walking more quickly, pass. Preferably not on on the side of traffic.

5. salixia has one that's not new, just eww.

Cover your mouth when you cough, cover your mouth AND nose when you sneeze.

6. The_peep reminds us to finish that good deed to the end.

When you drop someone off at their house (or wherever), wait for them to get inside before you drive away. Maybe they lost their keys, maybe they left something in your car, maybe it's not the safest neighborhood at night, whatever. But for the sake of safety and chivalry, wait the 37 seconds it takes for them to get in their house.


7. mindscent came in with his grandpa's wisdom.

He explained it, "To be polite, notice how you affect others and adjust your behavior based on what you notice. Make the people around you feel as comfortable and dignified as possible. Follow their lead, and be eager to learn how the Romans do it. If you don't know which fork to use, ask, and then be gratefull. A person in need endears themselves."

8. BreakThroughSC fixes a crowded grocery store scenario so you don't end up like these people.

When I'm in the grocery store I stay very conscious of how much of an aisle I'm blocking, and I try to leave my cart in front of the least popular items if I need to step away from it - like in front of the canned herring instead of the Kraft Mac n Cheese. And I never, ever, EVER, under any circumstances... EVER... park my cart on the right side of an aisle and stand and look ate stuff on the left side, blocking the whole damn thing.

Situational awareness, and the realization that other people exist and would like to do the same shit you're doing. That's the quick way to say it.


9. 77remix makes like a mitochondria and fixes those cell problems.

I don't mind people using cell phones a lot, I use mine for every day things, but knowing when to have them out and when not to.

Not in the middle of a serious conversation with someone cuz that's a huge "fuck you" to them, while driving, or in a movie theater. I'm sure there's a few more examples.

10. Itsmeyoudick has some decent dining rules. 

Pace your eating to approximate your dinner partner's speed so that one person doesn't feel rushed for having not finished. If you are the server, do not clear any dishes until both guests are finished, unless explicitly asked.


11. DirtySingh follows up with another good one.

 Don't eat until everybody is served.

12. -eDgAR- brought some commons social sense.

If you're walking with a friend and bump into someone you know, but they don't know make sure to introduce them before you start catching up. That way they don't feel awkward just standing there or have to introduce themselves.

of course, maybe they dont remember that persons name, so try not to be a complete social moron and help your friend out by asking.


13. maplecherry has some excellent travel tips (all typos are her own).

When you are travelling in a foreign country where the language is not English, at least attempt to learn the key phrases "Hello", "Good day", "Goodbye", "Please", "Thank you", and "Can you speak english?" in the country you are travelling to. If you need to speak English with someone, ask "can you speak english?" in the native tongue first and don't assume everyone can speak it. If you are paying respect to the country by visiting it at least put in the effort to pay your respects to the people in their language. A lot of cultures take offense to english tourists assuming everyone can speak english.


14. edudswa reminds us it isn't raining on only you.

On a rainy day while walking on a tiny sidewalk, always raise your umbrella to avoid eye accidents.

15. pepapi understands alcoholics appreciate politeness too.

Offer a drink to your guests within minutes of their arrival.

16. Jun_snow has an oldie-but-just-do-it-already-and-we-won't-have-to-keep-saying-it.

So many people don't seem to follow this simple rule.

Close your frickin mouth when eating.

17. SW3STY has a point as obvious as the mole on your face.

Don't point something out about someone's appearance if it can't be fixed in a few seconds​

18. SnatchAddict has a terrible screen name, but excellent advice.

If you didn't pay for it, never eat the last X.

I don't care if it's a popsicle or beer, if you eat/drink my last item, that I bought for me, we're having words.

19. Rivkariver makes good cents (sorry, had to, it's the law).

Please refrain from talking about finances as a social topic equivalent to speaking about the weather.I guarantee no matter what you say, you will make at least one person feel very uncomfortable. Even a careless "oh that's not a bad price" or "wow that's expensive" will make someone feel really bad.

20. milltin123 has a good tip for anyone who will ever meet someone different than themselves.

Please don't make racist or inappropriate statements when I just met you or barely know you. You are not waging a war against political correctness just because you tell me my sister is going to get into med school because she's black. You just sound like an asshole and are possibly racist. It's not politically correct to be appropriate or civil.


21. And finally, moochiemonkey with some advice you don't have to tell most people twice.

If you're sick don't go to work.