Whatever, he pulled himself up by his bootstraps to make his own punctuation.

Democracy. Every schoolchild will tell you it means "rule by the people." However, every classics scholar, dictator, and anyone who watches too much news will tell you that a closer translation is "mob rule." To put it another way, in 11 years Honey Boo Boo will have a vote. The crazy guy who corners you on the bus to tell you the reason Heathcliff gets away with it is because he's a Heathcliff - he's got a vote. Every single person who has appeared on Maury has a vote. Most terrifyingly of all, people on Facebook have a vote.


I don't know, maybe he could help a lot of Stans.

Facebook: the Social Studies class of last resort.

Because... oh, forget it. That being said, you may be dumb, but don't say "Im mean"! Ur nice!

Even in the vast "moving to Canada" genre of stupidity, this stands out.

Whatever, it's within sight of the non-socialist utopias of Russia and Canada.

At least she didn't say Kanye. Although he does sing in Flo Rida's key.

"Shitty" also tends to reduce opinion value. So does hitting "enter" between Mitt and Romney.

Ok so this isn't dumb except - "this country" and "loo"? We don't say "loo" in this country!

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