We asked 3 million people what they were avoiding by being on Facebook. Here are the results.

We asked 3 million people what they were avoiding by being on Facebook. Here are the results.

We ignored our actual work to randomly survey our extremely bored 3,176,543 Facebook followers.


What we set out to discover was simple: What are we all compulsively escaping from in any one moment?

Are we even aware we're just constantly sprinting in the opposite direction of our jobs, significant others, children, pets, chores, creepy neighbors, and general physical and emotional well-being?

As it turns out, yes! Yep, we know what we're avoiding and we don't really give a crap. Comfortingly, we have a lot of dislikes in common. See the best responses below.


Maybe it's time for a new dustbuster and antidepressant?

Line the asses up in a row and you'll still have a free hand for status updates.


Just make sure to avoid the 273 million people who post pictures of food.


Pretty sure you can just call 911 when that happens.


Maybe seeing all the show spoilers will help.

Isn't that what most people are reading on the treadmill?

Your life sounds really stressful and adorable.


Maybe this is the lack of breakfast talking but are you guys hiring?

Yep, nothing is more embarrassing than not looking at your phone.

It's a shame your kids don't have something in their lives like social media.

That person is called the mailman.


Some of the world's most successful people don't wear any pants at all.

Good call. Nothing on Facebook will make you want to barf.


Pretty sure that was in the job description.


Wait. Is that a job or a habit you're trying to break?

Even your dog is judging you.

Hope it gets a lot of "likes"!

May as well give us a play-by-play, sir. It's better than facing our real lives.