This note left for FedEx contains a brilliant hack to never miss a delivery again.

This note left for FedEx contains a brilliant hack to never miss a delivery again.

Finally, a life hack to ensure you get your packages delivered even if you don't have a butler.

Screaming is always a great option.

That package is the shizzle and I want it today! Can I interest you in two options:

1. If there is a white car here, I am home. Ring, knock, scream, or just leave the package.

2. If I am not home, I have already created a door lock code for you to punch in. Please punch it in. The door will unlock and the you can set the package inside. After closing the door, press the (Schlage) wording on the same keypad you used to unlock. The code is the last 4 digits of the tracking number: 1###

This note, written by reddit's Toomanybeerz, teaches us two very important lessons:

1: Creating a code with a tracking number is a brilliant way to only allow a person with a package into your home

2: People still say "shizzle."

Clearly, this particular hack only works if you have a private residence controlled by a code-locked door, but it definitely can be altered for your individual situation. For example, if you live in an apartment, you could leave a lock box with keys.

Or, you could try commenter missionbeach's "low-tech" approach:


I go low-tech. I have a wooden box chained to my fence. Delivery man places parcel in box, then locks lid with the lock that I leave in the box. It's not perfect, if somebody really wanted to, they could bring boltcutters. But it stops the grab and dash.

Pretty great. Now all you have to do is completely trust your delivery person, and you're all set.