Hidden in a brilliant New York magazine profile of dermatologist Sandra Lee—AKA, Dr. Pimple Popper—is an account of what might be the first viral pimple popping video out there (yes, that continues to be a thing). It dates back to the late 90s, and was apparently intended as an art project:

In the late 1990s, a Belgian artist named Wim Delvoye released an experimental art film called Sybille II, in which he captured shots of whiteheads erupting in slow motion on 75-mm. film, framed in extreme close-up so that they resembled creatures in a Jacques Cousteau film. Delvoye intended it to function as a commentary about adolescence and purity, a puncturing of art’s lofty pretensions, but once it was uploaded (without his knowledge) on YouTube, commenters began dubbing it “probably the best zit video out there!!” and “pimple popping porn!!!!” Delvoye said recently that all of the film’s pimples had come from a single source: a young art student the other kids called “Old Pizza.” 

Sources: New York Magazine