Foreigners reveal things they like about the USA. Maybe we shouldn't leave yet.

Foreigners reveal things they like about the USA. Maybe we shouldn't leave yet.

There is no arguing that these are some tumultuous times here in the good ol' U.S. of A. Clearly our troubles did not dissipate after the 2016 election, and if anything, everyone is at each other's throats now more than ever. But come on, guys. This is America! Land of the free, home of the Whopper! Even if you hate the president or just hate the people who hate the president, we have to all step back and appreciate that we live in a pretty great country.

Foreigners reveal things they like about the USA. Maybe we shouldn't leave yet.

A reddit user called ThatKittenZilerian took it upon themselves to remind America why we are awesome by asking non-American redditors to reveal what they find most alluring about the United States. Their heartwarming answers will give America a much-needed ego boost.

Skji is a fan of our fruited plains and purple mountains majesty.

Their national parks

moldy_crumpet loves all things 'murican.

I am a Brit living in the US and living here in the US was a lifelong dream of mine so have a lot of favorite things to say about here!

I love the accents, NFL, MLB, sports bars, food, the general friendliness of people, the patriotism and the vastness of the country - one part is amazing forested areas, then another part is literally desert.

I love it here


Mhaydar appreciates everything from sea to shining sea.

I find the amount of places where you can live and the sheer difference between them amazing.

There's not a lot of countries where you can go from living in a dry desert town in the south to a cold northeastern city without skipping much of a beat.

No, really. People really like our geography. Just ask Dr_McKay.

That you can live in nearly every type of climate on Earth without ever leaving the country.

Foreigners reveal things they like about the USA. Maybe we shouldn't leave yet.

grandiosebetafish appreciates our wide variety of cereals.

I'm from India, and I've got to say grocery stores and pharmacies! While I try my best to keep consumption to a minimum, I love the sheer number of choices we have. To me, the freedom to choose between 15 brands of cereal instead of 4 is WONDERFUL. There's something for everybody. Constipated? There's 10 brands of laxatives! I guess I've totally bought into consumerism? Not sure but boy am I excited to walk through aisles and aisles of choices. Just the freezer section of a grocery store could entertain me for hours!


And fauxvol covets our Amazon Prime accounts.

Being able to buy basically anything I could possibly want. As someone who lives in a tiny, third world country, it's almost impossible to get things delivered here from american stores/amazon. Or it's so expensive it's not really worth it.

EDIT: I live in Uruguay, guys. Stop freaking out

bertiebees understands the true American dream.

You can get melted cheese on basically any food.

AntiparticleCollider also appreciates our food.

Your food. Mass immigration + rich fat people + freedom = the best of every cuisine in the world all within a one block radius of your hotel

So does cinnamonbunbun.

I want to try all the food. Whenever I watch The Food Network, your restaurants just seem amazing.


And so does biodead. Or, at least, amount of it.

The HUGE servings of food!

Foreigners reveal things they like about the USA. Maybe we shouldn't leave yet.

bogdanp05 points out that America gives you plenty of room to roam.

The free space. Large houses, wide streets, big parks. Everything is a lot more crammed in Europe.

Someone get patchy_doll a shirt with a bald eagle on it STAT.

I just like the iconography. Your flag is so poignant, so stark, carries such an incredible story. Your anthem is powerful and unashamed. Your reckless pride is its own creature and I can't help but love it and want to nurture it, self-destructive as it is right now.

I mean... I'm a Canadian with a (coincidentally) American wife. When do I get accused of having a fetish?


redfanglicker envies our dating culture. Clearly they've never used Tinder.

In USA parents support their children having girlfriends and boyfriends from a young age onwards but in countries like India(mine) and others we are not even supposed to have relationships, we are not supposed to date and they still strictly follow the concept of arranged marriage (losing your virginity to random stranger to whom you are going to be married for the rest of your life). So that's very nice in USA giving freedom to your child.

And hamsterbuttz gave a shout out to the greatest city in the world.

New York City. I've visited large metropolitans in my life but there's nothing more exhilarating than NYC. The cultural diversity, the liveliness and infinite amount of things to do. It's my goal one day to move and establish my career there.


Foreigners reveal things they like about the USA. Maybe we shouldn't leave yet.

musical_tanks appreciates our space program. Hear that, Russia?

Space Program/Companies

Love the smell of rocket fuel in the morning.

And willsherm28 mentions something that we definitely take for granted.

As someone from Asia, what I love the most about America is the freedom one can enjoy. You don't have to live by certain society expectations, you can show them the middle finger and do whatever you want to do. That's something I've always longed.

Oh and the people (ones I've met) are amazing and extroverted.

P.S: All the parents aren't like that but most of them are.


And even though we're not perfect, kittycatomaniac just loves the people.

The people. Despite the weird patriotism, prevalent gun-fetishism and the supernatural inability to understand that bread is NOT supposed to be sugary by default, I have never in my life met an American I didn't end up loving to bits. You're all so damn friendly!

elliotcarver envies our salaried jobs, even if yours sucks.

Salaries for professional jobs. Unless you're a superstar in your field, moving to Canada could easily represent a pay cut of 25%-50%, before factoring in the exchange rate.

Foreigners reveal things they like about the USA. Maybe we shouldn't leave yet.

liquorlanche has very specific feelings for a very specific store.

Surprised nobody has mentioned the Home Depot. It's a store you can go to and buy EVERYTHING you need to build a house and they have it all in the store! Not like, "Ok, we'll special order that for you and it'll be delivered by Tuesday." No.... "I WANT A HOUSE NOW!" "Ok, sir, that'll be a few hundred, thousand dollars. I'll just need your debit card. Oh shoot, it has a chip! Well, that's gonna put a few second delay in your entire home. Ok, all set. Pull the truck around to the loading dock and we'll send a forklift over to load the roof and chimney. I'll have our lumber department put together all the bundles of wood you'll need."


Lastly, raz563 likes the one thing most of the rest of the world hates.

I actually like the accent, I realize I'm in the minority here.