Salad company owner makes filthy salad innuendo in front of mortified news anchors.

Salad company owner makes filthy salad innuendo in front of mortified news anchors.

During a recent live taping of Fox 2 Detroit news, Kelly Schafer, owner of 7 Greens Detroit Salad Company, made an appearance to offer salad-related advice for National Salad Month. She also took the opportunity deliver a downright filthy salad joke to anchor Jason Carr, who she very visibly has big lettuce-y crush on.

Here's a transcript of the sexually tense, roughage-themed exchange:

Schafer: You love--everybody loves a yoga girl, right Jason?

Carr: That's right.

Schafer: And I know you want me to toss your salad too, don't ya?

Deena Centofanti (co-host): Alright, on that note--

Schafer: Hey, that never gets old!

It doesn't! And it never, ever will get old when used on live television to make Fox employees uncomfortable.

Mashable did everyone a courtesy by making a gif out of the precise moment that the definition of "tossing someone's salad" passed through both Carr and Schafer's minds. If you do not know what that means, do not Google it at work, unless you work at 7 Greens Salad Company, because Kelly Schafer's clearly a laid-back boss.


Don't rush to judge Schafer for being forward with the anilingus offer. Her company's Instagram boasts original salads so delicious looking not even Jason Carr could deny that they've been tossed extremely well, all innuendos aside.

Yoga girl 🏵

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Damn, Kelly! Nice work! The world could use more people who are as bold with their recipes as they are with their flirting.

As for you, Jason Carr, 7 Greens Detroit Salad Company's number is 313-964-9005. Run towards love, Jason, and not the FCC's standards and practices.