Get ready for the most touching video you'll ever see of a man crying over a container of Clorox wipes.

He will never look at anti-bacterial wipes the same way again. Literally.
(via EZwithETHAN on YouTube)

Ethan Scott is, according to his YouTube about page, "a cheerful, sarcastic, and lovable attention-whore of an actor from Southern California." He's also colorblind. For his birthday, "someone very special" to Ethan gave him a pair of EnChroma glasses, which help colorblind people see colors more distinctly. According to EnChroma's website, the lenses work by narrowing the light spectrum that a colorblind person sees:

Red-green color blindness is a genetic condition where the light-sensing function of the red and green cones is more overlapping than normal. By filtering a narrow region of the spectrum where overlap is occurring, the EnChroma Cx restores normal separation between the red and green cones.
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