Get ready for the most touching video you'll ever see of a man crying over a container of Clorox wipes.

He will never look at anti-bacterial wipes the same way again. Literally.
(via EZwithETHAN on YouTube)


Ethan Scott is, according to his YouTube about page, "a cheerful, sarcastic, and lovable attention-whore of an actor from Southern California." He's also colorblind. For his birthday, "someone very special" to Ethan gave him a pair of EnChroma glasses, which help colorblind people see colors more distinctly. According to EnChroma's website, the lenses work by narrowing the light spectrum that a colorblind person sees:

Red-green color blindness is a genetic condition where the light-sensing function of the red and green cones is more overlapping than normal. By filtering a narrow region of the spectrum where overlap is occurring, the EnChroma Cx restores normal separation between the red and green cones.

The glasses aren't a cure-all. A colorblind Forbes writer and his colorblind brother both tried them, and while they reported that colors were more vivid and distinct, both brothers still failed the colorblindness dot tests while wearing the glasses. But that doesn't mean that, for people like Ethan, wearing the glasses isn't an intensely emotional experience. Especially since Ethan didn't know what they were when he put them on:

There are a few other examples of people trying EnChroma glasses for the first time on YouTube. I recommend this one, which is notable for the all-business toddler that walks by in the background and the moment when the dad very earnestly asks, "Do I look like a dork?"

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