It seems a jokester with the name "Racist McShootface" decided to mess with George Zimmerman's gun auction. On Thursday, George Zimmerman announced that he is selling the gun he used to kill Trayvon Martin. Soon after, a bidder with the screen name Racist McShootface hijacked the auction on the website United Gun Group and drove the price north of $65 million. Then a few others joined in on the fun.

George Zimmerman, the original Racist McShootface.
George Zimmerman, the original Racist McShootface.
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The gun had originally been listed on, but it was removed after it received an incredible amount of negative attention. The new listing remains, though it seems United Gun Group does not have a system in place to prevent anyone from registering and entering fake bids of up to $65 million. Here are the bids from Racist McShootface before the account was suspended:

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