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This school may have caught a ghost on film and the footage is spooky AF.

This school may have caught a ghost on film and the footage is spooky AF.


Between quizzes, bullies, and cafeteria food, school is already a scary place for many. But all that is nothin' compared to the spooky situation happening in a secondary school in Cork, Ireland. I wonder how many kids asked to be homeschooled after seeing this...

Deerpark CBS claims to have captured a ghost doing some mischievous things on film, and the footage is pretty convincing. This security footage was taken on October 1st around 3 a.m. (a.k.a the witching hour), and people are having a pretty hard time explaining it.

At 0:12, you can see the door swing open.

At 0:16, there is additional movement near the door, and it appears to be shut again.

At 0:33, a row of lockers start violently rocking back and forth.

At 0:57, a locker swings open, and papers fall to the floor. Damn, ghost. Forget your homework or something?

At 1:23, the sign on the floor appears to be violently be kicked over.


"If it’s a prank we don’t know how it was done? Motion sensors were set off at this time, that’s how it was caught," said headteacher Aaron Wolfe, remarking that the antics caught on film took place right outside the religion room, a part of the school is unusually cold.

Wolfe went on to tell Unilad this spoooooooky story:

Our caretaker has worked in the school for over 30 years he recalls many stories of paranormal activity. For example on one occasion the school was hosting an exotic bird show, and the birds arrived the day before, because the organizers were worried that someone might break in and steal the birds, someone had to stay overnight.

That person left the school in the middle of the night – they refused to stay any longer as they said that they heard ‘the last call’ being played on a trumpet – of course this could have just been the wind...

I don't know what's weirder, an angry ghost hanging out in a school or a school hosting an exotic birds show.

Folks on Facebook are examining the footage and trying to explain how this all could be an elaborate prank. One person noted that the locker that was shaking is in front of a window, and could have easily been pushed around by a living, breathing human. The school commented that this window is on the second floor.

Others pointed out that the angle of the camera is suspicious, and that an actual security camera would likely be higher up, not in line with the bulletin boards in the hallway. The school maintains that the footage was captured via their CCTV camera.


The school was founded way back in 1828, so tons of student and faculty have roamed these halls over the years. Looks like someone might have stuck around after school for detention....FOR ETERNITY! Mwahaha!

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