A 12-foot giant squid surfaced at Toyama Bay in Japan on Christmas Eve, and witnesses were able to film it in impressive detail. Since a giant squid wasn't captured alive on film in its natural habitat until 2012, this is a bigger deal than you'd think; this is only the third time a giant squid has been captured on video, according to CNBC

A diver was even able to reach the squid and film it from under water. "My curiosity was way bigger than fear, so I jumped into the water and go close to it," said Akinobu Kimura, the owner of Diving Shop Kaiyu. "This squid was not damaged and looked lively, spurting ink and trying to entangle his tentacles around me. I guided the squid toward to the ocean, several hundred meters from the area it was found in, and it disappeared into the deep sea."

Sources: CNBC | CNN | Daily Dot