"Thanks, Mister Squirrel. Big fan." (via)

Brian Gennest just wanted to take a selfie with a cute squirrel he encountered while walking on a footbridge in Florida with his mom. He did get the shot he wanted. Unfortunately, Brian also got a bonus shot, taken by his mom, of him running away, screaming in terror as the squirrel attacked him like he was wearing a shirt made of walnuts and sunflower seeds. 

"And don't come back, punk!" (via)

Brian said the animal first attempted to grab his phone, then ran up his shirt, and out onto his back. Turns out, even the squirrels in Florida are nuts. Unless this one is like the Alec Baldwin of squirrels, who seems totally chill until someone tries to take his picture and he loses his mind.

Sources: Redditor Supplenupple