Can I request New Order? How about New World Order?

Let me tell you something about Sam Bruv Bird of Luton, England: He does not truck with no secret global organizations that meet in shadowy, cavernous conference rooms deep underground to pull hidden strings and influence world affairs. Oh no, he does not! So, when he sees, or thinks he sees, the Facebook page of the Illuminati (because they probably have a social media presence, don't you think?), he is not afraid call them out to their faces. Consequences be damned, mate!

Now, the fact that, in this particular case, Sam Bruv Bird was accidentally speaking truth to power to Illuminate Fridays—a DJ night at an Atlanta, Georgia dance club—in no way diminishes his bravery or his heroism. And you know what? Don't delude yourself into thinking that the actual Illuminati didn't see this, because they did. Definitely. Fnord.

Sources: Sam Bruv Bird | h/t Gawker