'Mexican' man gets back at racist neighbor with passive-aggressive baked goods.

'Mexican' man gets back at racist neighbor with passive-aggressive baked goods.

This is the story of a non-white man who lives in an "older gated community that doesn't get much exposure to non-whites" (read: a racist community), shared via his friend SharkswithFrigginLazerBeams on Imgur.

The guy is half Portuguese/Japanese and half Swedish/German, according to his friend, who wrote "so he kind of looks like an enormous Mexican if you don’t think about it." And apparently he has been subject to some pretty shitty behavior by his racist neighbors.

SharkswithFrigginLazerBeams writes:

When he walks his dogs it tends to manifest asking "Sir, can I help you?", "Do you live here?" or "Do you realize you're tresspassing?" as he calmly points out his house and dock in the distance. Sometimes security guards appear with complaints about him stealing mail, even though he has lived there over eleven years.

According to his friend, the man discovered that one neighbor had been repeatedly calling security on him. Many of us might take this opportunity to egg her house or toilet paper her mailbox. But no, not this guy. He got her a cake—a deliciously passive-aggressive, threatening, perfect-for-a-racist cake, which he left on her doorstep.


It reads:

Dear Ms [Racist Lady], I'm not Mexican so stop calling security I have lawyers ?

Obviously, it shouldn't matter whether or not he's Mexican, but at least he got the point across. However, this wasn't the last he heard of her. The man, who according to his friend is "not straight, but lowkey about it," then received a "homophobic letter" from this same neighbor, who apparently hates all groups of people equally.


His friend wrote that this last gesture "must have triggered the embrace of his newfound, externally-imposed heritage enough to craft this beauty, which he placed in her mailbox." It's truly a sight to behold:


"Puta" is a Spanish word with a not-very-nice meaning. And, in this case, it was completely deserved.

Well, that pretty much sums it up. Hopefully this is the last time this guy gets any trouble from his neighbor. And, if he does, well, she can expect more baked goods.