Normally the miraculous trauma known as birth is relegated only to the woman giving birth, but whether due to sympathy pains or sheer stupidity, Redditor Englishmuffin1 got in on the pain when his wife was in labor.

It all came down to the new father's desperate need to pee.

So this literally happened within the last half hour.

Back story: my wife is just over 40 weeks pregnant and this morning we came to the hospital for an induction. She was having really bad contractions, so the midwife kindly offered her a nice hot bath to relax her and help my son come into this world.

Anyway, onto the fuck up. So I go to the bathroom with my lovely wife as she is not allowed to be left on her own. She strips off and gets into the bath when I realise that I need to piss, like, right now. No biggie, I'll just go to the loo in the bathroom, it's nothing my wife hasn't seen before. Wrong! No toilet in this room, just a bath and sink.