Litter Woman, serving a hot cup of justice.

Street justice might have a new name, if only this mysterious, litter-hating, vigilante chick on the motorcycle would say it. Unfortunately, she doesn't even show her face, so we only get to see the shocked expressions of drivers after the garbage they carelessly tossed from their cars is thrown back in their faces.

The video appears to be shot in Russia, so like every other video out of Russia, it has about a 50 percent chance of being staged. That goes for everything from car crashes and UFO sightings to Russia's military "protection" of its neighbors. Even if it's the video isn't completely legit, it's more enjoyable than most of the crappy superhero movies being churned out by Hollywood, and at least has a plot that makes sense. It's also one of the few films that deserves a sequel.

Sources: Tastefully Offensive