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15 things that are hysterically funny unless they're happening to you.

15 things that are hysterically funny unless they're happening to you.


Merriam-Webster defines Schadenfreude as "enjoyment obtained from the troubles of others." It's why we (or me, at least) laugh every time someone slips down a couple of stairs or walks into a wall. Like this guy, who karma came for pretty damn quickly.

People on Reddit shared all the things they thought were super funny, unless those things happened to them.

1. Looking somewhere else and then walking into a pole. (Griggers)

2. Watching someone almost trip then do the half jog to walk it off casually. (Reklaymr)

3. Throwing something then having it bounce and hit you in the head.(callmetuesday)

4. Chasing after a paper blowing on the ground. (shoskis)

5. People who take like a whole 10 seconds to actually fall over. Drunk or on icy surfaces. They try so hard to right themselves but always come crashing down. (DCHD)

6. Smugly and confidently shouting the wrong answer in class. (minkmilk)

7. Failing at parallel parking with a crowd of onlookers. (regcrusher)

8. When kids mistakingly embrace a stranger thinking it's their parent. As a child this is terrifying, as an adult it's adorable and hilarious. (Qualityhams)

9. Waving back at someone whose wave wasn't intended for you.(apricot_crumble)

10. Getting chased by geese or farm animals. (DrWillMedicineWoman)

11. Accidentally saying "I love you" when leaving a coworker due to habit. (sweet-dee-88)

12. Someone fighting off a spiderweb. You cant see it from far away so they just look like they're spazzin out. (ZizLah)

13. When someones trousers split. (Emily_Starke)

14. Telling embarrassing things while being drunk. Bonus points if you don't remember anything you said the next day. (HiMyNameIsSander)

15. Having your leg humped enthusiastically by a dog. (Riptos007)

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