An Irish pagan society told off a racist, homophobic couple looking to get married by a member of its clergy, and it made its rejoinder in the most Irish possible way. It's the feel-good story about pagans you didn't know you were waiting for. This screenshot that started it all is pretty great, but the way they doubled down on it is what makes it amazing.

Actually pronounced "Feck oof."
Actually pronounced "Feck oof."

The screenshot of the exchange comes from Pagan Federation Ireland's Facebook page, which also shared a further email exchange from someone involved with the racist couple's organization:


S. Fenner 00:16 (8 hours ago) Hello,

I am writing to determine if the Pagan Federatiin of Ireland truly supports all Pagan paths, as stated on your website. Image recently received the attached screenshot of a query by an Odinist. (Attached below) Could you please advise us as to if this is indeed the attitude of your organization towards what are known as traditional folkish Heathens?

Best regards, S. Fenner


Pagan Federation Ireland <>
08:19 (0 minutes ago)

Hello Senna,

Pagan Federation Ireland operates a zero tolerance approach
to racism and homophobia, both of which were abundantly clear
in the initial communication.

Your values, as stated here on your website -
- are incompatible with ours.

If your religious beliefs or practices incorporate either racism or
homophobia, then you will not find a home here.

As you seem to wish to make some sort of political issue
of this, might we suggest the following:

Screenshots are so very amateur,
and prone to being disbelieved.

For a proven donation of €10 to any Irish Pagan organisation,
not necessarily ourselves, or to the Native Woodland Trust -,
we will send you a signed copy of the statement on headed notepaper.

Laminated if you wish.

We will also send you permission to distribute the letter,
in its complete form only, as widely as you wish.

The €10 will cover two copies of the letter,
one of which we will have framed and put on the office
wall, lest we ever forget.

Yours most sincerely

Pagan Federation Ireland


There must worship trees in Ireland, because they're casting so much shade. Ha ha ha, but seriously, please worship Ra, the Egyptian sun god.

Sources: h/t Reddit