Well, this is a fine how do you do: a group of four gay men in London were kicked out of an Uber after two men exchanged a kiss on the cheek in the backseat. The homophobic driver, who'd picked the men up from a very well-known gay nightclub called Heaven, allegedly said he didn't want "gay stuff" in his car, and demanded the men get out before even reaching their destination. As you can imagine, that didn't exactly earn him a five-star rating.


One of the four men, 20-year-old PaulHanafin from Essex, told The Daily Mail,

We were all shocked. . . You don't expect that sort of homophobia in London in this day and age. It was literally a peck on the cheek between two of my friends to say thank you for coming out to celebrate their birthday.

Hmm, the driver's actions seem a bit…extreme, no?


Hanafin continued,

We had just been chatting away about what a good night we'd had but this totally spoiled it. We had to get a bus the rest of the way. He'd just picked us up from a gay club so it wouldn't have been hard for him to guess we were gay before he accepted the journey. Heaven is one of the most famous gay clubs in Europe. We had such a good time and all of a sudden the driver just turned cold on us.

He said: "You're not doing that in my car." We were a bit shocked by it. I said: "Excuse me?"

I could maybe understand it if they were snogging but they were only holding hands and had a peck on the cheek. We were laughing because we thought it was a joke but he kept telling us it wasn't funny.

He got dead serious and told us to get out. He told us he didn't want any "gay stuff" in his car. It was so disgusting and so rude.


Hanafin added, "Why should we hide who we are? When he kicked us out I had no idea where we were, our phone batteries were dying, and it was about 4am."

The men complained to Uber, and at least the company came through for them, even though their first driver didn't. A spokesperson for Uber told the Daily Mail that "immediate action" had been taken against the driver, but didn't give specifics, due to "privacy" concerns. Of Uber, Hanafin said,


To be fair, they were outraged too and were really helpful. They are a modern, international company and dealt with it really well. They gave us a full refund. If if hadn't been for their positive response, I would not be using them again. This was probably just one bad egg.

That's one hell of a bad egg. That is actually a terrible, homophobic egg. That's the kind of egg that makes people want to be vegan.