Horrible owners of horrible restaurant have amazing meltdown on Facebook.

Horrible owners of horrible restaurant have amazing meltdown on Facebook.


First sign they were crazy? That creeptastic profile picture.

Where to begin? Probably with Gordon Ramsey, famed a-hole and restaurateur, who decided that Amy and Samy Bouzaglo, the owners of Amy's Baking Company Bakery Boutique & Bistro were too crazy, nuts, & bistro even for him. This is apparently the only time in the show's history that Ramsey quit, and apparently one of the few times where the on-screen crazy wasn't even a little scripted. The owners screamed at a patron who complained about an hour wait for pizza, then chased him out of the restaurant, resulting in a 911 call. They admitted to firing over 100 waiters in the business' short history, all of whom were forced to hand over their tips. Just as a side note, Samy looks like Bilbo Baggins when he tries to take the ring away from Frodo.

So, the episode aired, and then the reviews on Yelp started pouring in, followed by incessant mocking on Reddit. Normally, a business owner would take this moment to apologize and reconsider their decisions. As you may have noticed, though, the Bouzaglos are not the most stable people, and in response to this provocation they went on Facebook, raised their crazy-alert status to DEFCON 1 and proceeded to go nuclear:


The beginning. Standard denial and delusions of God-supported grandiosity.


Amy is a jewel in the desert, like Disney's Aladdin. Also, they're both not based in reality.




They are not only deluded enough to think God supports them, but the legal system as well.


We have God on our side, you just have your sites and video proof that we're horrible people.

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