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Hulk Hogan allegedly prayed for 12 hours straight. We have questions.

Hulk Hogan allegedly prayed for 12 hours straight. We have questions.


Like many people around the world, Hulk Hogan offered his prayers to those injured in the horrific Las Vegas massacre that took place Sunday. But it appears that the professional wrestler really went above and beyond when it came to utilizing the so-called "power of prayer."

On October 2nd, Hulk Hogan tweeted that he would be "praying nonstop" for victims.

This was his very next tweet, sent out about 12 hours later:

Are these two tweets related? Twitter seems to think so:

Oops! How did that last tweet get in there? Anyways...

That's a lot of praying, brother.


Look, if Hulk Hogan went on a 12 hour prayer bender, we have a few questions:

1. Did he stop praying to pee?

2. If not, did he continue praying while peeing?

3. Did he skip the gym in order to pray for a full half day?

4. Did he see any sweet spiritual gains from the nonstop praying?

5. Did he finish with an "amen" or a gnarly leg-drop?

At this point, we at SomeEcards cannot confirm or deny that Hulk Hogan did participate in the solo prayer-a-thon. But it does seem rather unlikely because...come on. Who does that?

Hulk, if you are reading this, please let us know.

In the meantime, if you want to offer more than just your thoughts and prayers, click here to learn how to actually help the Las Vegas shooting victims.

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