Vladislav "Sam" Samsonov was a tollbooth operator for 29 years before he was fired for a small act of kindness.

Sam Samsonov, human E-Z Pass. (NBC 2 via YouTube)

A little kindness goes a long way in this cold, cruel world. It can brighten someone's day, reaffirm their faith in mankind, or even save their life. It can also get your kind ass canned.

Vladislav Samsonov has worked as a toll collector on the Boca Grande Causeway for nearly 30 years. He has a personal relationship with many of the people and families who frequent the Causeway. They affectionately know him as "Sam," and they always seek out his lane, knowing that he'll have lollipops for the kids and treats for the dogs. He's just a nice guy.

Sources: NBC 2