28 photos of real-world design mistakes that will drive you absolutely crazy.

28 photos of real-world design mistakes that will drive you absolutely crazy.

We live in a man-made world, but humans make mistakes. Big mistakes. Glaring mistakes. Good design, the saying goes, is invisible. These errors in rooms, signs, products and more, however, are so eye-twitchingly obvious, it's a mystery how these 28 abominations made it into the real world:

1. At this bank, you're expected to drop to your knees and beg for your money.

"Please, sir, may I have some more complimentary checks?"

2. For when you need your kid to develop a crippling fear of shooting anything but perfect swishes.

"I dare you."

3. "Welcome to Hell, here's the restroom."

"Abandon all white underwear, ye who enter here."


4. Maybe this is designed to save water by making the sink unusable.

For when you just need to wash your knuckles.


Did the designer just forget they used the weights for the first H by the time they got


6. This has to be on purpose, right? They carved the "stones" into concrete...they were literally given a blank canvas. Ok, deep breaths.

If there's ever a sequel to "As Good As It Gets," this sidewalk should be Jack Nicholson's nemesis.

7. This step that's slightly taller than the rest.

This subway has one step a fraction of an inch higher than the others.

8. You may not enter.

Even worse, their high school mascot was the Owl.

9. The worst bathroom in America award goes to: The University of Central Florida Math Sciences men's room.

My University's Restroom From Hell – (UCF)

10. It looks so surprised someone would try to use it.

The bin in my hotel room

11. We'd make fun of whoever wrote this terrible sign in person, but they know karate.

SIGN - Something Is Going Not-right.

12. Nothing better than burning hot kitchen appliances that keep you on your toes!

The only way this could be more dangerous is if it moved a little bit every time you turned it on.

13. This wrong-facing traffic light apparently exists just to remind whoever lives in this house that they will never go anywhere.

This is what happens when you dump a city employee.

14. Sorry for any triggering memories, everyone who's tried to alter the volume while watching a video on a phone:

Because really, what could be more interesting than seeing your volume go up and down.


15. This is a biology textbook designed to teach evolution by showing how humans and horses have bone groups that once were the same. We want to make sure you know that, because that is NOT what it looks like.

The look in the horse's eyes says, "I know this is wrong. I couldn't stop them."

16. Some of these things are honest mistakes. The person who wrote this list of screen sizes is a bona fide sadist.


17. How to make sure a homeowner will accidentally press the "Home Emergency" button every time it gets cold.

"Hi this is Brinks home security, is everything ok."


18. There was a small tear in the screen. Now everyone has to move out.

The patch was bad enough. The dripping epoxy is just the landlord's way of telling you it will never get better.

19. There is a lot of rage stemming from this off-center glass.

More impressive: the black object on the left indicates whoever took this picture is also picking up the check.


20. [Cue horror movie music]

Again: time to move.

21. Exhibit A in the defense for a driving-while-medicated trial will be the colors on this box vs. the colors on these pills:

For people who have colds, but also enjoy safer versions of Russian roulette.

22. From our normally smarter friends over at BuzzFeed:

In the middle: people who don't get Venn Diagrams.

23. This isn't technically a "design" issue, but when you're writing a guide to effective writing, putting a typo in the first line is like putting the front door on the second floor of a house.

It's is so painful to look at.

24. People often joke about things making Jesus weep, but seriously, the guy was a carpenter and He cannot be happy.

Forgive them, Father, they know not what they do. Except whoever who did that corner, because they should have asked a professional.


25. You've probably never even thought about how "U" and "A" can be backwards. Now you will.

Looks like whoever put those up should have had their coffee first.

26. Most people don't think of chicken salad sandwiches as having design. That is, until you find one that's designed to screw you out of money.

OK, so maybe not a design mistake, more of an on-purpose thing, but it still pisses us off.

27. Hopefully, this small business did this all on their own, because otherwise, some web designer owes them a really big refund.

On the plus side, no one can find them on Yelp to write a bad review.

28. We saved the best/worst for last.

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