The Catholic church is not considered the most open-minded organization when it comes to human sexuality, but there is one guy willing to speak out in defense of the beleaguered pedophiles: Rev. Gino Flaim of Trento. He recently made some comments on the issue of victimized children in the church to Italy's La7 News that have landed him in hot water. Not as hot as the waters of Hell, where he may some day boil, according to his faith, but pretty bad. The clip below is in Italian, but you should hear his casual as f*ck tone when he throws molested children under the bus:


According to website UPI, Flaim has some innovative ideas about what causes pedophilia to begin with:

"I've been to lots of schools, and I know children. Unfortunately there are children who seek affection because they don't receive it at home and I understand that some priests can give up. Pedophilia is a sin, and like all sins has to be accepted."

If you can believe it, Flaim was actually immediately reprimanded and given an immediate suspension from his position in Trento's San Giuseppe and Pio X parishes after these comments were aired. We know what you're thinking. "Maybe he's just some kind of whacked out progressive! What does he think about gay priests, for instance?"

Sources: UPI